“ Whether you’re wondering why there’s nothing to do in College Station or why you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway - you’ve come to the right place. ”

Aggie Outdoors

Breaking Routine since 2015

Who are we?

     We, the students in this organization, are just that: students. We’re students of all ages, majors, nationalities, identities, and religions. We’re students that constantly learn from this prestigious University, from nature, and from each other. Individually, we each have our own passions which may include fishing, mountain biking, photography, climbing, bouldering, hiking, kayaking, painting, planting, or taking our doggo on a walk. Collectively, we hype each other up, share some laughs, and look for opportunities better the outdoor environment through acts of service. Our mission is to unite like-minded, outdoor loving, and adventure seeking Aggies together in order to share community and to escape the construction mess that is College Station.


What do we do?


S ervice

During the school year, Aggie Outdoors enjoys giving back to the local and surrounding communities through park cleanups, trail maintenance, and distributing homeless care packages. We are always seeking out new and creative ways to support a cleaner environment and encourage litter reduction.

C amping

Each semester the Leadership team books three camping trips, either full weekend-long trips or as one-nigher hammock trips, to different state parks and a variety of other areas of interest within about a 4 hour driving radius of College Station. We restrict our campouts to active Aggie Outdoors members only, this prevents campouts getting too large and allows the friendships that inherently happen once you join this derpy group to grow. The Leadership team organizes all campsite reservations, food purchases, driving arrangements, and provides tents and cooking equipment for each trip. All you have to do if you become a member is rsvp and show up :-)


C ommunity

noun: “A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals”

We pride ourselves in remaining a relatively small organization so each person brings a rad passion and personality to the table. Ways that we facilitate friendships and spice up your calendar include day trips, local hangouts, dinners, tailgates, game nights, intramurals, and a Formal at the end of the fall semester.


During the year our members even take extra camping trips during the semester breaks! These extra trips are purely organized by the members in AO .


Multiple Leadership positions exist within Aggie Outdoors that will allow you to become more involved and lead the organization by helping to plan out activities, campouts, service events, and socials. There are also officers in charge of creating our awesome merchandise and running our social media (including this website you're on right now!). Those of us on the Leadership team strive to give the members exposure to new experiences and access to the coolest resources and parks that we can!