“ Whether you’re wondering why there’s nothing to do in College Station or why you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway - you’ve come to the right place. ”

About Aggie Outdoors

The idea for Aggie Outdoors was created in a Commons dorm room after several boring weekends in College Station with little to do. Having heard from friends at another Texas school about their frequent camping and hiking trips, the founders decided they wanted to get involved in something similar. After some research into options at A&M, they realized there wasn't a club that fit the build of everything they hoped they would be able to do. Being naturally adventurous people, the founders said that if there wasn't a way they needed to make one. After all, how many others may have looked for the same thing before? They asked this question and then decided to have a formal sit-dow to discuss the logistics. After a couple semesters of hard work and wondering what they had gotten themselves into, the founders birthed the organization, assembled a small group of some fantastic leaders, and quickly made their way into a prominent campus organization.​


Daniel Casey '18 

Ezekiel Griffith '18 

Jacob Traugott '18 

Spencer Clark '18